Generalized Data Cleaning and Preparing Software
No one likes cleaning but we do!

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Typo Fix

Fixing grammatical problems, an awkward construction, or a mistaken identifier on your datasets.

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Eliminating duplicate and repeated unnecessary records.

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Data Imputation

Replacing missing data with appropriate values using Deep Learning and Neural Network Techniques.

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Data Validation

Not only the cleaning and editing process, checking the consistency of your data for you.

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Anomaly Detection

Detection of rare values which raise suspicions by differing significantly from of the majority of your data.

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Data Augmentation

Increase your unstructured data consistency by adding slightly modified copies of already existing data or preparing and cleaning existing data.

Why Should I Use Sweephy?

Quickly clean your company data and perform more accurate analysis without requiring code knowledge on data cleaning

Fixing Typos

Typos in email and location information, as well as incorrect text based details, can make it difficult to reach clients and meet their demands. You won't be able to meet your revenue targets if you can't reach your customers.

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Duplicate data results in a waste of marketing funds and a lower return on investment. Also, your models may overfit on the training data when developing ML algorithms. The biggest issue with duplicate records and low-quality data in IT is the time and money spent removing it. At the same time, marketers, sales people, and CSMs will continue to make unproductive judgments based on insufficient data.

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Get Rid of Unnecessary Null Values

Missing values in datasets can make data processing and analysis more difficult, result in a loss of knowledge and efficiency, and provide skewed results. Missing values can be dropped or imputed using the mean, median, or most commonly occurring values, or other statistical methods.

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Product roadmap

Features we have developed and features we are working on.

January 2021
First Release of Alpha Version - Deduplication and Basic Data Cleaning Features
February 2021
Context Categorization with NLP is Added
April 2021
Typo Fix Feature Developed
June 2021
Algorithm Improvement - Speeded up Machine Learning Processes
September 2021
Anomaly Detection & Data Augmentation
(In Progress)

Pricing and Plans

We create a special package for you and install the cleaning / preparing features you want.

Gold Package
What’s included
  • Typo Fix
  • Deduplication
  • Data Validation
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Data Imputation
Enterprise Access
What’s included
  • Specified Feature Setup
  • On-Premise Setup
  • Private Server Setup
  • Company Specified Neural Network
  • 7/24 Technical Support

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